My Avatar® Experience


“Each moment you are happy is a gift to the rest of the world.”                                                    –Harry Palmer

I have been a professional educator/corporate trainer for over 30 years and a bestselling author of books on humor. The Avatar Course is the type of education I have been looking for most of my life. No one tells you who you are or what to believe. It is YOU finding out about YOU.  It is experiential education with the intention to create harmony between head and heart.

With a Masters of Arts in Theology, I have been a spiritual explorer for many years. At one time I considered myself a seeker, looking for the answer.  Now I prefer the word explorer; explorers appreciate the process and are willing to look at many viewpoints. The Avatar Course is the most respectful educational process promoting spiritual growth that I know of.

Laugh Your Way to Enlightenment

Carolan 1Carolan 2In the Avatar Course, Harry Palmer teaches that “consciousness is a light thing.”  As you laugh your way to enlightenment, you experience tears of joy and sorrow– sorrow as you hit resistance and realize that it is the root of much, if not all, suffering. The tears of joy come from stretching beyond our known limits and letting go of resistance.  For 23 years I have been teaching people from all walks of life about the power and possibility of humor. We teach what we want to learn, right?  Intellectually I know more about humor than most of the people on the planet. With the Avatar tools, I am learning to practice what I teach on the heart level and gut level. It is a fascinating, freeing experience. 

As a licensed Master, I consider it a privilege to be the adventure guide as my students follow the powerful process laid out 28 years ago by Harry Palmer.  It is an adventure in consciousness as you explore your belief blueprint, identifying helpful and impeding beliefs and uncovering hidden beliefs still operating in the background, or foreground. Contact me if you would like to experience a free mini-course which includes uncovering one of your hidden beliefs.

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 Not *this* Avatar…

Avatar movie image

We are not blue people… we’re happy people!

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